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there’s an Inner Little One and a Wise Adult — and when we’re hurting, it’s usually the Little One who’s present and in control. 

In every one of us,

my Inner Little One was running the show (but I didn’t know it). She was hurt, wounded and so sad, and she’d been that way since before she could remember.

That deep sadness was such a part of me that it took years to recognize it for what it was. 

For a long time,

Sad or numb, disassociated from your body, floaty and unfocused (making it hard to get anything done)

Anxious or avoidant in relationships. Many empathic/sensitive women find that they jump into relationships with a conga line of narcissists.

Responsible for other people’s emotional states. If anyone around you is sad, or angry, it feels like your job to fix it, even if it depletes your own resources.

Like “boundaries” sounded nice, but you haven’t the first clue how to set or hold them.

Weak, helpless, and uncomfortable speaking up for yourself

Disconnected, alone, lonely, abandoned, unsafe (a blend of scary, sad and panicky)

You might feel:

Let me tell you some of the symptoms when your Inner Little One is in control. 

But before I share that part of my story...

Where did it come from and why wouldn’t it leave me alone? 

But even as I worked hard to heal myself and others, that deep sense of grief lingered and I couldn’t shake it.

I knew my distant relationship with my mother and my childhood were likely at the root of it, I just didn’t realize how deep that root went.

I felt drawn to alternative healing, went to massage school (an act of self-healing considering my touch-deprived culture), took psychology courses, become a certified Doula, energy healer and found that I was deeply inspired to work with mothers and babies, to support their bond from the beginning. This process was very healing, while uncovering even deeper layers.

I experienced all of those symptoms growing up, and more. 

but the ‘inner little one’ forms much earlier. Our origin stories are far more complex than we give them credit for.

Everyone talks about their ‘inner child’ 

I learned about somatic prenatal and birth trauma imprinting, and it was at his Womb Surround Process workshops that I realized just how deep the root of my grief went — I was grieving the attachment loss from my mother, I had been carried and birthed in the midst of her grief, and I’d had a twin brother who died in the womb.

In studying with Ray Castellino, 

I learned the impact of my emotionally detached relationship with my mother. We were literally separated at birth when I spent my first three days in the world isolated in the NICU, a critical time for forming bonds and attachments, and I believe that affected our entire relationship. My mother was also going through her own grief at the time; her father had enter a coma 3 weeks before my birth & passed away just three weeks after my birth.

From pre & perinatal psychology,

What I did have was an unpeeling of layers as I learned more, healed more, and put the pieces together. 

(you probably haven’t either).

I didn’t have just one answer, or one ‘aha’ moment that fixed everything 

Womb twin survivors tend to have a deep connection with the other side, to spirit and divinity. They also tend to carry unexplained deep sadness, feel like part of them is missing, act in self-sabotaging ways, feel alone or abandoned, and have difficulty building close relationships.

Throughout my childhood and teens, I woke up almost every morning feeling a sense of dread and wanting to die - a feeling that lingered, just under the surface (the surface I carefully constructed to appear normal). This is also very common in womb twin survivors.

It finally made sense why it had always felt hard to be here in my body, why I’d felt a desire to leave this earth, why I could never cry out my deep grief (embryos can’t cry in the womb). In learning about my prenatal and birth journey, I finally found the answers I needed to truly heal.

Learning that I was a womb twin survivor suddenly made my experiences click into place.

Surviving twins come into the world with burdens and gifts

After studying for over a decade with a pioneer in the field of pre and perinatal somatic therapy it is my life inspiration to offer and continuing the legacy of this work.

and that Little One is our connection to joy, childlike wonder, and the Divine. 

Much of my healing work is to support you in forming a healthy attachment to yourself, to build trust within your own system, to recognize when the Inner Little One needs care, and to recognize what it feels like when you embody the Wise Adult state. That is the foundation for feeling empowered, for setting firm boundaries, for self-care and self-love.

The Inner Little One is the root, not just of our wounds, but of our strengths —  

Now this is what I do for other people - I help you unwind the long, complicated origin story of who you are now, the Little One you were then, and help you connect with the Wise Adult who can step in to comfort, heal, and move forward. 

The Wise Adult & The Inner Little One

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I'd love to work with you

There is a field of nourishment & support, An energetic flowing current of intelligence, within
you & all around you. Holding you, and welcoming you home, in every breath.

I am an astrology geek and I have a Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising, which gives me some serious Divine Mother energy. But I’m also 1 part Mother, 1 part Inner Little One all the time. And that Little One loves to get in all my art supplies when I am not looking and before I know it paint is Everywhere!!


Oceans, sunrises and sunsets, lush tropical environments — they make me feel connected to Life with a capital “L” and recharge my creative battery.


My favorite plants are ferns. They’re ancient, they were here before the dinosaurs, and they remind me to unfurl into my full potential. Also, when I see little baby ferns, my Inner Little One throws out her arms and yells “YAY FERNEES!!!!”


In my free time, you will find me creating beauty, dancing, cuddling and finding any and all excuses for joyful physical connection (at least in non-Covid times).


I’m EMF sensitive, so my phone is a landline, my internet attaches to the wall, and I pump my water from the town well (kidding on that last one).



A few fun facts about me...

Curious about my credentials and trainings?
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4 Biological Breath and the Eternal Embrace Workshops
- Cass Phelps -2015- 2017

The Path of Love Retreat
- Cass Phelps- 2017

Womb Surround Process workshop
-Tara Blasco-2018

Level 1 Growth Class
- Foundation for Spiritual Development - 2014

Womb Surround Process Workshop: Trauma Integration
- Ray Castellino - 2013

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology/Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Major
- Prescott College - 2011-2013

 Womb Surround Process Workshop: Trauma Integration
-Ray Castellino - 2012

Somatic Psychology
- Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado - 2009-2011

Higher Alignment
- Inner Seeing Coaching Program 2008-2010

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy
- IET foundation - 2005

Reiki Level 1 & 2
- Karen Thorson, Boulder Co - 2006

Other Training, Education & Workshops

Advanced Doula Training
- Birth Emissary - 2012

Birth Doula Training
- ToLabor - 2010

Postpartum Doula Training
- Cappa - 2009

Doula Training

Prenatal and Birth Therapy Foundation Training
Modules Included: The Preconception and Conception Journey, Bonding and Attachment, Birth Imprinting, Chemical Imprinting, Surgical Imprinting, Life Death Loss, Family and Group Dynamics
- Ray Castellino - 2016-2019

Dropping into Prenatal imprints with Ease
Online Course with Ray Castellino & Kate White Fall 2020
6 -weeks

Narm-Informed Practitioner Training
2020 - 4 module online course (didn’t certify)

Body Into Being: Advanced Energetic Somatic Bodywork/Polarity Therapy Training
Modules Included:
Principles - Resonance, Support & the window of tolerance for integration.
Movement, resistance; the expression of implicit somatic memory and pre-verbal story expression; dynamic creative opposition.
Bonding/Attachment & Relationships.
Embryonic Attachment, supported attachment/post birth nursing, development of attachment styles including supporting the development of secure attachment, accurate somatic reflection.
Techniques for supporting mothers, babies in child bearing years, as well as adults in private or small group sessions.
Clinical Application, Supervision and Integration
- Ray Castellino and Anna Chitty - 2015

Biodynamic Craniosacral Training 
Modules Included:
Relation Touch, The Midline, Whole Body Dynamics, Craniopelvic Resonance, Birth Ignition & Original Health, Visceral Intelligence, Facial Complex, The Holistic System, Neuroendocrine Immune Response)
- Body Intelligence - 2013-2015

Biodynamic Craniosacral Training
- Alchemy of the Heart - 2012

Biodynamic CranioTouch Training - Georgia Milne - 2011

Biodynamic Craniosacral Training: Specialising in Working with Mothers, Babies and Children
- Body Intelligence - 2012

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Therapy 60+hr Course
- Cortiva Institute - 2007

884 hr Massage Therapy Certification
- Cortiva Institute -2007

Massage/Bodywork and Somatic-Based Therapy

Training & Certification


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