Inspired by the teachings of Ray Castellino

Birth & Early Imprint

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Created to support Somatic Trauma Healing + Deepen into the teachings of Dr. Raymond Castellino RCST

 The Birth & Early Imprint Healing Oracle is here! 

Want to learn more about the  Pre & Perinatal Brith Therapy Work?  

Are you passionate about Somatic Therapies &
Trauma Healing?

You're a graduate of The Foundation Training or enrolled in the Foundation Training or other school that is dedicated to this work

You've attended a Womb Surround Process Workshop

You're a practitioner, healer, therapist, coach, intuitive.  

You're familiar with Ray Castellino's Teachings 

You love Somatic Heaing & are very interested in Birth
Trauma Healing

For you if..

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1 -Tucked Box

Guide Booklet

90- Healing Cards

What's included:

A powerful oracle deck to support healing, accurate reflection and therapeutic tools. Deepen into the Pre & Perinatal Therapy skills and practices to support you both personally and professionally. 

$55 + Shipping

Birth & Early Imprint healing oracle

25 Skill/Practice Cards

5 Sequencing Cards

8 Principle Cards

20 Imprint Cards

32 Blueprint Cards

The Birth & Early Imprint Oracle has 5 groups of cards
and includes:

A deeper look into the Deck

Father Sky
Mother Earth

I created the Birth & Early Imprint Healing Oracle deck because of my love for Ray Castellino's work and my love for Oracle decks! The process of creating this deck took over 2 1/2 + years. My intention was that it could serve as a learning tool for anyone studying this work + a layer of support for your personal healing journey. 

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Support for one or two inquires/questions 

 1-on-1 30 min Oracle Reading Session


Needing a little extra guidance and support? Book your 30 min Oracle Card Reading with Somatic Support Process. Option for longer session if needed. 


With Christina

Birth Healing Somatic Oracle  Session

Eddie R., BCST, graduate of Castellino Birth & Perinatal Therapy Training. 

"I want to let you know how much I love your Oracle deck!!!! It is such a great tool to use daily, and with others from our training. In fact, I think the cards are quite brilliant. I hope you can feel some tone receiving these words. I am so impressed by what you accomplished: your vision, your artistry, your 'stick-to it' to follow through and produce it… thank you!!"


Cass P- Hawaii

Christina I Just picked up the decks from USPS and found myself sitting in the parking lot opening them - reading and absorbing then - card by card - VERY potent and very beautiful - the transmissions are solid and potent - I feel an internal warmth filling me out in a soft field of perfect love... I’m messaging you in the parking lot! Way to go!!!! You did it Momma!!! I’m so proud of you!!!  I’ll be working with them - and recommending them and giving them as gifts for years to come.


"I love these cards so much! They are scattered all over my altar right now 🥰 They are gentle yet powerful reminders when I am needing extra support and guidance & the color of them makes my heart smile"

EriCa S -  BOUlDer CO 

"Wow do I cherish this deck… The intermixing of Blueprint cards, Practitioner Skills cards, Principle cards, Sequencing cards, and Imprint cards is GENIUS! This oracle provides me with a clear compass for gaining insight into where I’m at, where I may be stuck, and skills to reorient to my blueprint. Every time I have pulled from this deck, I am blown away by the accuracy of the reading. I especially love having the imprint cards in there, because for me it can be really settling to have the pattern named out loud. Thank you, Christina, for creating such a unique deck to use in my personal life, and with clients! 


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