Embodied Self-Care Journey

And if you're not taking care of yourself, this superpower can get out of control.

As an energetically sensitive soul you so easily feel everything in the environment,

The more you choose yourself, the more humanity benefits and the more you can bring out your resourced, well nourished embodied self to sing Your True Hearts Song!

All of you,

Your empathy, your care for the earth, your ability to notice what others don’t, the unique essence you bring to the world is needed, is wanted.

This gift you carry,

to create containers of time and space for your self-care,
a time to nourish and a time to be with yourself and all the feels, all the layers. 

That’s why, it is vital as a sensitive soul,

I am a super sensitive being like you. Honestly, it's not always easy being so sensitive, yet I find when I create the space for my Self-Care, I feel so much more grounded, connected and in the flow, which supports me to share my gifts more with you, with others.

Hi, I'm Christina

 so you can have a structure to create a container for your process, know where you are in the process, and start to understand your moment to moment needs.

This exploration of Embodied Self-Care will be personal and unique to you, you get to decide how long and when. 

That’s why I created the Embodied Self-Care Process Map:

Build a deeper bond with your inner little one self, & wise woman Self

Listen more to wisdom and intelligence in your body and the flow of life

Know when your system needs you to just be with it, without an agenda, or to take charge and shift energy.

Deepen in your self-love and self-care

Have more tools for regulating your nervous system  

This process can help you:

Giving to yourself, what was missed as a little one, creates new pathways for healing & nourishment

$50 per month

Learn Embodied Self-Care in a small supportive group of women.

Small Group Sessions

$150 for 1-Hour
$225 for 90 minutes 

Learn the skills directly from me

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Here are some ways to get started:

If you're ready and want to dive deeper into my Embodied Self-Care Practice Process

It's hard to explain until you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

 So if you have questions, I’d like to invite you to schedule a free 20-minute call with me.

This is esoteric stuff.


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